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Welcome to EDR Experts and The Crash Hub, the online directory of EDR and CDR Experts around the world.

EDR Experts has merged with The Crash Hub, a dynamically driven web site enabling anyone looking for an EDR technician or EDR analyst to assist with their next case. Whether you need an expert to simply download a crashed vehicle or retain an expert witness that provides expertise in the various disciplines of accident reconstruction, The Crash Hub is your expert database tool.

If you are an EDR Tool user, you know imaging EDR data has been increasing each year and the need for qualified EDR Technicians and Analysts is in high demand. The use of EDR data by law enforcement, crash investigators, insurance investigators and fleet managers is rapidly expanding and The Crash Hub is the directory to list your professional profile.The Crash Hub is the resource for qualified expert help – your help – but only if you’re listed!

The Crash Hub

The Crash Hub profiles vehicle crash experts from all over the world. You are in control of finding the right expert for you next case!

The Crash Hub

The Crash Hub directory is the most widely accessed professional directory for accident reconstruction and EDR experts on the Internet today. Using the advanced directory search function, you can find EDR experts located near you. You can also specify many different criteria for your search. For example, you can search for experts that use the Bosch CDR Tool or the Telsa EDR Tool. You can also search for specific types of experts by their accident reconstruction specialties, like human factors, pedestrian accidents, commercial vehicles, biomechanics and many others. Best part of all, the directory is free to search and there are no referral fees!

Vehicle Crash ExpertsJoin The Crash Hub today and showcase your expertise to potential clients.

The Directory for Experts

The Crash Hub directory allows you to create a professional profile for your accident reconstruction business that can be viewed by anyone accessing and searching The Crash Hub. Having a expert listing on The Crash Hub will expose your business to potential clients and will introduce them to you, your services and your company -  24/7. As soon as you sign up, you can begin creating and customizing your professional profile page - but only if you're listed!

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