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CDR Certified Trainer Mentor

Certified CDR Tool Technician Trainer Mentors are not only demonstrably experienced CDR Tool users but also motivated individuals capable of delivering standardized course materials in a consistent, clear and meaningful manner and providing valuable after-training assistance and guidance.  As Trainers, they are proficient in the delivery of a standardized CDR Tool curriculum designed to develop competent and confident CDR Tool Technicians.  As Mentors, they are available and uniquely qualified to provide reliable after-training support, particularly for those newly trained or relatively inexperienced in the use of the CDR Tool.  To become a Trainer Mentor is to become a leader in the rapidly expanding area of EDR/CDR technology.

When industry leaders meet to discuss the expansion of CDR/EDR technology, one topic always discussed is training and the need to have qualified Technician trainers across North America to properly train entry level CDR Tool users. To help fill this need, the CDR Technician Train the Trainer Course qualifies individuals to instruct a standard CDR Technician Level I and Level II course. Whether from the public or private sector, from police departments to insurance professionals, anyone who purchases a Bosch CDR Tool will need to take at least the Technician Level I course and Trainer Mentors are there to meet that need.

CDR Technician Trainer Mentors are among the most active and current CDR Tool users anywhere. To qualify to take the CDR Tool Train The Trainer Course and become a CDR Technician Trainer Mentor, one has to have completed the Collision Safety Institute developed Technician I and II courses offered by a Certified CDR Technician Trainer Mentor and the Collision Safety Institute CDR Data Analyst Course within the last two years. Those who have previously been certified as Trainer Mentors are welcome to return and renew their license to the materials every two years. Trainer Mentors regularly attend the annual CDR User's Summit and work to keep abreast of the latest developments in the EDR/CDR Technology.

When government agencies, auto manufacturers or the insurance industry look for the most qualified individuals to reliably and efficiently retrieve crash data, they look to those who are competently and consistently trained - they look to those trained by CDR Technician Trainer Mentors.  When lawyers look for reliable EDR/CDR technology experts, they look to those who have been trained, are familiar with current trends and concepts and excel in terms of training and experience - they look to CDR Trainer Mentors and those they have trained.

How to Find Trainer/Mentors in the EDR Expert Search

CDR Tool Trainer Mentors have a special designation on the EDR Experts page (look for the Trainer/Mentor logo), they have the opportunity to list the classes they are offering.  When there's a need for an individual to offer specialized courses or consulting opportunities, the Trainer Mentors are uniquely positioned to answer that call.